Barbless Hooks only
2 Rods Maximum
All litter/waste line etc to be placed in bins provided,
NOT in bushes
Anyone caught stealing, removing,harming fish
WILL be prosecuted!!!
Tickets are non transferable, one angler per swim and NO guests unless prior arranged with fishery manager.
Keepnets at Fishery manager’s discretion
Groundbait to be used in feeders & Pole cups only
Pellets to be used in moderation and from a reputable source i.e. Dynamite Baits
All forms of fixed lead are banned
No Carp over 10lb to be kept in Keepnets
Fishing from platforms provided, not between swims
No Night fishing
No method feeders
No rods are to be left unattended at any time
All noise to be kept to a minimum, please respect your fellow angler
Do not disturb wildlife please advise a member of staff as soon as possible should any wildlife become hurt or injured, hooked or entangled with line, or if line becomes snagged on trees or bushes or on any underwater snag during your visit in order that this can be immediately removed.
No dogs allowed on fishery
Strictly NO alcohol allowed on site
Catch reports and photographs of any notable fish caught would be appreciated for our website and notice board
Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult at all times
All anglers to be in possession of a full EA Rod licence